Dr. Franco Zunino and colleagues received the Wason Medal for the most meritorious paper published in 2021

UGC was present in Dallas, TX FOR THE 2022 Fall Convention of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). This was a special occasion for the UGC project leader, Dr. Franco Zunino, and his colleagues Prof. Karen Scrivener (EPFL) and Prof. Fernando Martirena (UCLV) as they received the prestigious 2022 Wason Medal for the most meritorious paper published in 2021, awarded to the articled entitled “Limestone Calcined Clay Cements (LC3)” published in ACI Materials Journal.

2021.   F. Zunino, F. Martirena, K.L. Scrivener, Limestone calcined clay cements (LC3), ACI Mater. 118 (2021), No.3,  doi:10.14359/51730422.

In addition to a presentation given at the awarding ceremony, Dr. Zunino participated in a session on sustainability where he presented the UGC concept to the ACI community. Furthermore, he co-organised a successful session on SCM reactivity along with Profs. Prannoy Suraneni (University of Miami) and Lisa Burris (Ohio State University).


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